Getting divorced is one of the more common reasons for a quick house sale. White Knight Property Solutions can help you sell your house quickly with minimal fuss.

Divorcing couples fighting for their property can be like the War of the Roses. They use property to register resentments and emotional pain. And with divorce or separation accounting for 9 per cent of all property sales, there are many for-sale houses emitting a lot of bad karma.

If one part of the couple decides that they want to sell the house against the other's wishes, it can become difficult to sell. If one party has moved out and the party remaining does not want to sell, then cleaning can slip, the house can be left untidy, keys can go missing and appointments to view the property can be canceled at the last minute. Hence a quick sale will help avoid all these issues.

One divorcee told a potential buyer that her house had been burgled five times in the past six months and that was why it was proving so hard to sell.

Not all divorces, however, end in acrimony and even for those that do, tearing up the carpet and throwing paint over his favourite picture isn't always the best solution, especially when children are involved. White Knight Property solutions will put things right with White knight.