Stop Repossession

Repossession fears are a common concern. If you are behind with mortgage payments and repossession is a possibility White Knight Property Solutions can help.

If you miss three mortgage payments your lenders are within their rights to initiate repossession proceedings against your property. You cannot afford to ignore this situation because it can result in you losing your home, not to mention affecting your future credit rating which means it will be very hard to own a home again in the future. It is also a very distressing experience to consider being physically removed from your own home, not to mention the financial loss you will suffer.

When a property is repossessed by a bank you have no guarantee of getting any money over and above your mortgage. If you add up all the legal and court costs, bailiff costs, interest upon interest payments and charges this amounts to a lot of lost money.

On top of this bank repossessions are often sold quickly at auction or by similar public notice which means your property will not achieve open market value or anywhere near it. You will lose the equity in your home you have worked so hard for.

People shouldn't be embarrassed about facing repossession or eviction, in the current economic climate it’s becoming a very common thing, 30,000 people in the last quarter. Do not join those figures let’s put things right with White Knight and stop your repossession today