"We were in six months of arrears and negative equity with seven days left before the baliff's were due to come and evict us! White Knight Property Solutions were able to stop the repossession and give us a fair price for our property enabling us to buy somewhere else with money still in the bank. All our friends said there was no way out but there was thanks to White Knight Property Solutions."

 Mr Donavon, N15 London

 "After quite an acrimonious separation, myself and my ex-husband wanted as quick a sale of our property as possible. Unfortunately, due to the economical climate and housing market the house would not sell. That is when White knight Property Solutions were called in. They offered us 95% of the market value of the property and we were able to complete the sale within 7 days. Myself and my ex-husband were then able to reach an amicable agreement and go our separate ways."

 Miss King, N9 London

 “When my wife passed away quite suddenly I needed to raise funds quickly and decided to downsize, however, after a few weeks on the open market there were not any potential buyers. I heard about White Knight Property Solutions from a neighbour and decided to give them a call. They were understanding, helpful and were able to give me some fantastic advice and I decided to sell my property to them. The transaction was straightforward, transparent and I was extremely pleased with the end result.”

Mr Scott, N18 London